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About us

Gaia Spa

Gaia has developed through years of extensive spa research from across the world. Creating our natural products has taken time and consideration, combining ancient traditions and artisan methods, alongside the most natural ingredients possible.


Our Philosophy

Inspired by Mother Nature, the Gaia Spa philosophy is Your wellness, naturally.

We believe the future of luxury is time and with Gaia you’ll find it in abundance. Enjoy precious extra minutes to relax, breathe and connect with nature in mind, body and spirit. Whether you visit our luxury spa in Devon - the new, flagship Gaia Spa at Boringdon Hall - or create a sanctuary in your own home, our Gaia spa rituals, treatments and products will help you achieve a sense of harmony. Each is rooted in centuries-old wisdom and, when combined with the Gaia ethos, leads to an entirely unique experience.

We believe that in a busy, stressful world, taking a step back forms the foundation of wellness. At Gaia Spa, we’ve designed a calm, light-filled space that brings you closer to nature. Through holistic spa rituals we offer personal, tailored treatments especially for your needs. Restorative hydrotherapy experiences, steam rooms and saunas continue the healing journey.

The entire Gaia experience is sensory. Each ingredient, treatment and space has been considerately chosen to help you feel rooted and restored. So that wherever you are, there’s time to care for you.

Our People

The Gaia brand has been developed through friendships, connections, open hearts and consideration for others. It’s taken time and love to create something so special.

Your Gaia experience will be supported by people carefully chosen for their expertise, empathy and ability to connect with you. Our people are caring, thoughtful, maternal and compassionate, and we treat everyone individually and personally. Like a mother, Gaia is protective because each of you is valued and our products have been created to nourish, nurture and restore with our three bespoke blends designed to awaken, balance and calm.