About us

Gaia Spa

Gaia has developed through years of extensive spa research from across the world. Creating our natural products has taken time and consideration, combining ancient traditions and artisan methods, alongside the most natural ingredients possible.

 Create a sanctuary in your own home with our handmade, natural products. Each rooted in centuries-old wisdom and, when combined with the Gaia ethos, leads to an entirely unique experience.

The Gaia range features three blends to awaken, balance and calm. Each designed to promote and nourish where needed, to nurture and restore each individual. 

Our products care for not only your wellbeing, but care for the environment and harness the benefits of nature.

The entire Gaia experience is sensory. Each ingredient has been considerately chosen to help you feel rooted and restored. So that wherever you are, there’s time to care for you.

Visit our luxury wellness spa in Devon, Gaia Spa at Boringdon Hall